TraceWizard 1.0

Trace Wizard takes the guesswork out of evaluating water use patterns
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Trace Wizard takes the guesswork out of evaluating water use patterns. The software, developed by Aquacraft, Inc. of Boulder CO, accurately determines indoor vs. outdoor use, leakage, peak usage, and can disaggregate indoor use into individual categories (e.g. toilets, faucets, clothes washers, showers, etc.).
This information is essential for long range forecasting, assessing the effectiveness of water conservation programs, and setting water rates.
The Concept – Flow Trace Analysis: Start by recording the water flow through any magnetic drive water meter using Meter-Master Model 100EL Flow Recorders. These recorders have sufficient memory to record continuously for 15 days using a 10 second data storage interval. The flow trace is then analyzed using Trace Wizard which disaggregates the data according to end use.
Trace Wizard – How It Works: Trace Wizard takes a flow trace and disaggregates it into discreet water use events, calculating critical information such as the volume and flow rate of each event. Next Trace Wizard assigns a fixture designation like “toilet” or “shower” to each water use event based on a user defined set of parameters. Different fixtures appear in different colors on the graphs.
Main features:
- Determine the exact amount of water consumed by most residential fixtures
- Disaggregate water use into indoor and outdoor categories for most customer classes
- Analyze data with the interactive graph tool
- Separate simultaneous water use events
- Determine the peak hour, day, week, and peak instantaneous usage patterns
- Accurately quantify the savings from virtually any conservation measure or program

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